HP 11 Magenta Printhead (C4812A)

  • KSh 6,340.00

HP 11 Magenta Printhead (C4812A)

HP 11 Magenta Printhead

Weight:0.05 kg
Color(s) of printing supplies
Ink drop
4 pl
Ink types
Compatible Printers

HP Business Inkjet 2800 Printer(C8174A)

HP Business Inkjet 2800dt Printer(C8163A)

HP DesignJet 110plus Printer(C7796D)

HP DesignJet 110plus nr Printer(C7796F)

HP DesignJet 110plus r Printer(C7796H)

HP DesignJet 500 Plus 24-in Roll Printer(C7769F)

HP DesignJet 500 Plus 42-in Roll Printer(C7770F)

HP DesignJet 500ps Plus 24-in Printer(C7769G)

HP DesignJet 500ps Plus 42-in Printer(C7770G)

HP Designjet 110plus nr Printer(C7796E)

HP Designjet 111 610 mm Printer with Roll(CQ532A)

HP Designjet 111 610 mm Printer with Tray(CQ533A)

HP Designjet 800 (42-inch) Printer(C7780B)

HP Designjet 800 Printer (24 in)(C7779B)

HP Designjet 800ps Printer (24 in)(C7779C)

HP Designjet 800ps Printer (42 in)(C7780C)

HP Designjet 820 MFP(Q6685A)

HP Officejet Pro K850 Color Printer(C8177A)

HP Officejet Pro K850dn Color Printer(C8178A)

HP Business Inkjet 1000 Printer(C8179A)

HP Business Inkjet 1100dtn Printer(C8135A)

HP Business Inkjet 1200d Printer(C8154A)

HP Business Inkjet 1200dtn Printer(C8155A)

HP Business Inkjet 2300 Printer(C8125A)

HP Business Inkjet 2300dtn Printer(C8127A)

HP Business Inkjet 2300n Printer(C8126A)

HP Business Inkjet 2600 Printer(C8109A)

HP Business Inkjet 2600dn Printer(C8110A)

HP Business Inkjet 2800dtn Printer(C8164A)

HP DesignJet 100plus Printer(C7796C)

HP Designjet 100 Printer(C7796A)

HP Designjet 10ps Printer(C7790A)

HP Designjet 120 Printer(C7791A)

HP Designjet 120nr Printer(C7791B)

HP Designjet 20ps Printer(C7790B)

HP Designjet 500 42-in Roll Printer(C7770B)

HP Designjet 50ps Printer(C7790C)

HP Designjet 510 1067 mm Printer(CH337A)

HP Designjet 510 610 mm Printer(CH336A)

HP Designjet 510ps 1067 mm Printer(CJ997A)

HP Designjet 510ps 610 mm Printer(CJ996A)

HP Designjet 815 MFP(Q1279A)

HP Designjet Copier cc800ps(Q1262A)

HP Officejet 9110 All-in-One Printer(C8140A)

HP Officejet 9120 All-in-One Printer(C8143A)

HP Officejet 9130 All-in-One Printer(C8144A)



What's Included


Each HP ink cartridge, printhead and related supply is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the period of the warranty.
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